Let me welcome you to the «little Venice» of the alps! It’s been years now since I’ve been doing guided tours in Annecy, a true Savoy Treasure famous for its lake and its ideal geographical position as it is close the french Alps. I will share with you my 10 favorite tips to visit Annecy within a day or a weekend in the best way possible :

08:00 am │Walk on the Lake Annecy shorelines

There’s nothing like a little tour along the lake shorelines to start your day (or a little footing for those who feel like exercising!). Starting from the Pâquier and heading to Sévrier city, you will cross the “Pont des Amours” or “Lovers Bridge” and the Gardens of Europe. You can then follow the lake shorelines to reach the little Marquisats small harbor.

09:30 am │ Little coffee break in the Old Town

Rendezvous to the mythical Buvette du Marché! Annecy people really love to meet in this authentic and welcoming place located at the heart of the touristic old town (where tourists ironically don’t go that much). Immerse yourself in this typical welcoming place 🙂

Source : savoie-mont-blanc.com

10:00 am │  Wander in the Old Town open air market

The following is a second away from your coffee break. Indeed, I advise going on tour in this local market where you will be immersed in a welcoming and lively atmosphere. That’s the perfect time to find typical french product like «saucisson or cheese» while enjoying yourself!
Favorite Days and hours.

12h00 │ Picnic in the Lake Annecy shorelines

Your basket is now filled with regional product, let’s get closer to the lake and sit in the verdant gardens to taste those Savoy dishes.

Lac d'Annecy paysage


2:00 pm │ A guided tour of Annecy

Annecy from the top tour with our Gyropode Segway. Go in your Mobilboard agency for a one hour and half tour. From the Imperial Palace to Annecy’s Castle, while passing through the colorful old town, this tour gives you priceless point of view on Annecy city. Fun and easy to ride, enjoy this moment with your guide who will tell you fascinating stories about the Little Venice of the Alps.

4:00 pm │ Cruise trip and village discovery

It’s time to meet the «Compagnie des bateaux» to do a little cruise on Lake Annecy. That’s the perfect way to discover all the mysteriously charming cities along the lake. You will be charmed by their cute little and traditional houses.

5:00 pm │ Local ice-cream break

You cannot leave Annecy without tasting the homemade Glacier des Alpes Ice creams. Master craftsman ice makers for 30 years now, which of their many flavor will you try? A sorbet? A creamy ice-cream? Don’t worry if you can’t choose: they always offer a bonus flavor each time you order.

8:00 pm │ Savoy dinner and animation

Relax under the old town arcades to taste one of the many savoy specialties. In this welcoming and dynamic setting, you will find many entertainer amusing the crowd.

Source : trace-ta-route.com

00:00 │ Time to party in a club!

After the second service, the restaurant, the old town lights slowly fade away and you will have to join the lake shorelines, to the Pop Plage club to make your night last longer.


Passionné par les nouvelles technologies et addict au gyropode, c’est en l'essayant il y a bientôt 10 ans que je suis tombé amoureux de ce moyen de transport. Un modèle ? Richard Branson et son état d’esprit : « People who think and say ‘we’ more often than ‘I’ are a lot more likely to succeed »

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