Lake Annecy Festival is the must-live event you need to attend. Created by some famous artists this show set in the natural setting of Lake Annecy will amaze you with its many colors, enchanting musics and its surprising animations with water. This festival takes place every first Saturday of August and it is one of the greatest pyrotechnic shows in Europe! For this very special fest let us guide you through your perfect day in Annecy City.

1 │ A Segway trip in the morning

First, start your day by exploring every mysterious place of Annecy city with our Segway PT. Don’t worry even if you have never done it before every tour starts with a training session that will initiate you to the very intuitive and effortless drive of the Segway.

After this little introduction, enjoy a sweet drive through the verdant gardens of Annecy’s shorelines, amongst which you will discover the very notorious Pâquier. Enter the colorful old town and its charming and timeless paved streets. Your guide will show you the city’s mysterious and Middle Age Streets following Annecy romantic canals.

Go even further away, far from the towns’ maelstrom to immerse yourself along the Thiou river shorelines through a peaceful forest. A very natural trip that will initiate you to the off road drive of our Segway PT.

To book a Segway Tour with the Annecy Mobilboard agency.

2 │ A very tasty Savoy lunch

After this sweet morning drive, you will truly deserve your lunch….and you happen to be in the perfect region for that! Try the best Savoy dishes made with Savoy Cheese, potatoes, ham… Like the tartiflette, the raclette, the fondue or the diots sausage. Ok it might seem a little bit fat for a trip in August BUT you can still find many of these tasty ingredients in some light salads ;).

You will find all of that in the Alpin Restaurant located amongst the stone walls of the old town. There you will have plenty of choices: try the typical Savoy food and/or some more traditional dishes.

3 │ In the afternoon a little cruise in Annecy’s lake

This wonderful day is far from being over! You will now discover the crystal blue water of Annecy Lake. The Compagnie des Bateaux (Boat’s Company) offers you guided cruises of 1 or 2 hours. You will discover this famous lake from a unique point of view. More information here.

After this cruise on the Annecy Lake, let’s eat Annecy’s best Ice-cream. You can find these colorful and refreshing little wonders in the notorious Glacier des Alpes. Don’t be scared by the long queue, those ice creams really are worth the wait.

4 │ A magical night

Here it comes, the show you’ve been dying to see : the Lake Annecy Festival! You have several ways to attend to this show:

  • The place of honor in the gallery: Facing the lake, you will have the most beautiful view on the show. Price: €35
  • Sitting near the lake shorelines: the show remains as beautiful from this point of view for a welcoming experience with your family and friends. And why not opt for a picnic? Price: Between 6 to €14.
  • Unusual spot: if you feel up to it climb up to mount Veyrier to escape the crowd. This 10 km long hiking trip will offer you a breathtaking view on the lake. Once you’ve reached the top, you can admire the show in this natural landscape… One slightly flat note: you won’t get to have the music animation. Price: Free.

More info on the Lake Annecy Festival.


Here is what will make your day in Annecy unforgettable while enjoying the Lake Festival! What will be your favorite activity?? 😊


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