Try a Segway tour in Annecy, the breathtaking landscapes of the Savoy region! Drive with our off road Segways in Annecy city or in the mountains where you will get to have wonderful sights on Lake Annecy YES that’s a truly unforgettable experience to live. You may wonder why you should go for Annecy, well, here are 3 reasons why you will get to consider this mysterious city for your next city breaks!



1 │ Wander in the enchanting landscapes of Annecy city

First, Annecy is well located and offers an ideal environment either for the inhabitants or for tourists themselves. One weekend won’t be enough to go through the city, the lake and the mountains! As the city is built around the lake’s river Thiou, Annecy’s surname is the Little Venice of the Alps (isn’t that romantic…). With its many hidden paths and flowery bridges and paved streets, with its Castle and the old prisons, the town has kept it’s charming and authentic personality throughout history. The town has so many mythical sites that you could spend a whole day visiting them.


Let’s go and explore the lake shorelines! On its 43kms long you will discover 2 natural protected zones like the one called «Réserve Naturelle du Bout du Lac» which is located at the edge of Lake Annecy. This all natural zone is 80 hectares long, and it goes through the Roc de Cher at the edge of a cliff where you will get to see the lake and the peak of Menthon St Bernard city.


Far away from the city and the skyscraper buildings, let’s breath some fresh air on these verdant landscapes. Just raise your head and chose which mountain you want to explore…Opportunities are not in scarcity in Annecy! Green forest, reedbeds, little village hidden in the mountain…Here you can truly discover authentic and surprising places always with the pleasing sight of Annecy’s lake.



2  │ Off road drive in the Savoy Region with our X2 Segways

Feeling a little bit adventurous? Why not explore the Savoy mountains with ourSegway?

After your trip around the lake shorelines, you’ll probably (Slightly…) feel tired and our Segway PT is just perfect for you! No need to walk just drives our off road machine, an X2 Segway, a Segway which simply has bigger wheels! Drive on a snowy road, on a wooden path in the forest or in a vineyard you will always be safe in all of our tours. We offer you unforgettable feels with an unusual and fun activity in Annecy.

You could then clearly brag about having discovered Annecy and its heights in an unusual way ;). There’s nothing simpler than using a X2 Segway and you can share this precious experience with all of your loved ones. Plus you could also be proud of doing a green activity which doesn’t pollute and respect the environment.


3 │ Live a funny and unique experience

So why should you choose our Segway PT to explore the mountains rather than any other mean of transport? Simply because you need to live a newly adventurous road trip!

This funny activity is monitored by our lovely guides. Throughout the tour you will hear amusing and juicy anecdotes about the legends of the Alps. While enjoying stunning landscapes you will also be pleased with the very intuitive and effortless drive of our Segway that will help you climb theses mountains. Each of these feelings is there to design THE perfect moment with your loved ones.

Mobilboard Annecy agency offers you an unusual trip to explore the Savoy land and its numerous legend. This 3-hour tour will make you go through unique feelings and breathtaking sights.

If you need more information on any of our different tours feel free to visit our website.




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