There’s nothing like cycling along Lake Annecy shorelines… Well ok I know what you must be thinking «Isn’t that lake to large?!» Yes, but it isn’t the largest lake in France and all its 37-kilometers shorelines do have cycling roads and green cycling paths which makes it really easy to drive to. Remember, you can also stop to swim into the crystal clear water of Lake Annecy  ;). If some of you remain unsure, you can also rent an electrical bike that will allow you to effortlessly drive into the lake shorelines! Start this tour from Annecy city and drive in the clockwise direction if you want to avoid the dreadful « Roc de Cher » hill. If you ever lose yourself, follow the green cycling paths indication.

1 │ Starting from Annecy’s Old Town

From the old town, this tour starts from the Gardens of Europe where you will cross the mythical Lovers Bridge or «Pont des Amours». If you’re with your partner stop at the middle of the bridge et kiss each other… the legend claims that you will stay together forever and that death surely will not do you appart. (… so do think twice before you do it ;))

You can then follow the cycling road of the Pâquier. You will see the Impérial Palace before leaving Annecy to cross Annecy-le-Vieux on the charming docks that locals really do adore. Follow the road along the Veyrier du Lac to reach Menthon-Saint-Bernard where you can stop to try another unusual mean of transport and climb up a little bit.


2 │ Natural getaway with Segway PT in Menthon-Saint-Bernard.

It’s time to discover the landscapes and legends of the Alps on a off-road drive with our Segway PT. Between breathtaking views on Lake Annecy and charming little Savoy village live an authentic experience that you’ll surely remember for a long time!

Rendezvous with your tour guide who will introduce you to the easy and intuitive Segway drive. This tour is a true trip that was thought and conceived to mesmerize you into the natural sights that the Savoy region can offer you. It’s time to live a funny experience with a technical yet secured drive.


3 │ Visit Annecy from Talloires to Doussard

After this little excursion why don’t you take a detour to Talloires Bay, a verdant a peaceful place. There you can enjoy a priceless view on the Rock de Cher as you are now a little bit further into the lake shorelines. That’s the very place which separates the great lake to the little lake. In this natural reserve garden, you can take a lovely walk.

All through your trip do not hesitate to stop to have a swim on any of the Lake Annecy beaches. In this crystal blue water, the temperature can reach 25°C in summer! Here is our top beaches list: Albany Menthon, Angon, St Jorioz and Sevrier (watch out you have to pay to enter some of them).

You can now move on to your next step: Doussard the southern peak of Annecy. Take a walk on the Natural Reserve of the « Bout du Lac », for a little hiking moment of 45 min surrounded by reed beds. The architecture lover can also climb up to a medieval tower that gives you a priceless view on the lake.


4 │ Easte Shorelines: from Duignt to Annecy

For this final part you can follow the old train roads that used to link Annecy to Albertville (you will even get to go through one of its old train tunnel!). On Duingt City you can see the Rushy Castle which was built on a small peninsula. Unfortunately, you can’t visit it, but you can take a priceless photo :).


Those who feel like exercising can take a hiking trip to Mount Taillefer. After going through its 420m climb you will enjoy a wonderful view seeing the two lakes. The natural setting can also make you think of the warm Mediterranean landscapes. Just enjoy this moment while you cross St Jorioz City and Sevrier.

After this fascinating cycling trip you will be back in Annecy where you can enjoy a tasty ice-cream while wandering through the Little Venice’s romantic canals.


Passionné par les nouvelles technologies et addict au gyropode, c’est en l'essayant il y a bientôt 10 ans que je suis tombé amoureux de ce moyen de transport. Un modèle ? Richard Branson et son état d’esprit : « People who think and say ‘we’ more often than ‘I’ are a lot more likely to succeed »

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