Nice, such a fantastic place to immerse yourself on the famed French Riviera. A city with many contrasts, a rich and eventful history and countless beautiful spots to explore. Here, some suggestions and ideas to help you discover our amazing city in 1 or 2 days !

8h00 ❘ Seaside

Starting your day on the Promenade des Anglais is a must. Stroll along the Promenade’ as the sun rises over the city. Enjoy a coffee, or croissant, in one of the many bustling cafes. Pass the legendary Hotel Negresco as the city begins to wake.


9h30 ❘ French breakfast

After enjoying a French Breakfast with views of the calm Mediterranean, visit the old town of Nice. Enter through the archway of Les Ponchettes and explore the vibrant market on the Cours Saleya. One of the busiest streets in the old town. You will find a wide range of authentic French market stalls including local fruits and vegetables, spices, cooking oils, and flowers. Don’t forget to try some Socca. A speciality dish made with pancake and chickpea.

The market runs everyday of the week, but on Mondays it’s exclusively for antiques. Listen carefully while you browse the market stalls. Maybe you will hear the locals speaking: the Nissart.

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10h00 ❘ Old town

After the Cours Saleya, i’s time to get lost in the old town of Nice.  The best way to explore this ancient maze of streets and alleys is to follow your eyes and ears. Letting your senses lead your feet. There are many shops, bakeries and art galleries to visit. You never know what you might find around the next corner!

From the Cours Saleya, walk to the adjacent Place Pierre Gautier, where you will find the Palais de la Prefecture, home of the Prefecture of the Alpes-Maritimes and ancient palace of the Sardinian Kings.

Continue walking, and you will discover the courthouse of Nice – the Palais de Justice, most well known for its involvement in the escape of Spaggiari, a French bank robber in the late 1970s. Stroll a few minutes more, and you will be rewarded with Place Rossetti. A bustling square containing the beautiful Sainte Réparate cathedral, and not one, not two, but three ice-cream shops! Stop at Fenocchio, the busiest of the three, and try one of their original flavours including beer, olive, tomato basil, and even cactus!

Follow the winding alleyways to the fish market in Place Saint Francois, where you will find a wide range of fresh, local fish – be careful of the seagulls! On your way to the fish market, be sure to take a look at Palais Lascaris, a beautiful old baroque style museum, featuring luxurious staircases and lounges.

12h00 ❘ Lunch time

Visit « Chez Pipo« , a restaurant in the port area, specialising in authentic Nicoise cuisine. Eat among locals who will confirm Chez Pipo’s reputation. Enjoy the best Socca in Nice and try the famous « Pissaladière », the « Daube » and the sweet  « Tourte de Blettes ».

Source : – Crédit : Myrabella

14h00 ❘ Take a break

After your delicious lunch, take a relaxing walk through the Promenade du Paillon. The central park of Nice, built over the top of the river Paillon. Explore the beautiful greenery that divides Nice between the old town and the new. Take shade under the trees.

Cool down at the beautiful water feature called the “plateau des mumes”, or simply unwind on one of the numerous lawns in the park. Since it was opening in 2013, the park has become a favourite for locals and tourists alike. And, a welcome break from the bustling atmosphere of the surrounding city.

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15h00 ❘ Segway Time

Head to our Mobilboard agency on Rue Halevy and get going with our 2 hour Nice grand tour. Beginning with a training session on the promenade. Your guide will show you how easy and enjoyable the Segway PT is to ride.

Shortly after, you will navigate the old town of Nice at a leisurely pace,. Learning about the fascinating history and stories that hide among the streets and alleys. After you have completed the tour of the old town, you will begin the exhilarating ascent of the castle hill, at speeds of up to 20kph! Take in the fresh air, feel the speed and enjoy the moment as you cruise to the beautiful viewpoints nestled on the hill. Witness the breathtaking views of the Bay of Angels and gain a new perspective of the colourful Port of Nice. All in the satisfying comfort of our Segway PTs.

A tiring walk becomes an exciting adventure thanks to these amazing machines – you will experience Nice in a new and unforgettable way!

17h00 ❘ Museum

Venture away from downtown Nice and visit Cimiez in the North of Nice. Here you will find the charming Museum of Matisse, located in the picturesque olive groves of the Cimiez gardens. The famous French artist lived, and took inspiration in Nice for many years, and you will pass by his residence on both our 1 and 2 hour tours!

If you don’t wish to leave the bustling city center, the Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art (MAMAC) is a fantastic alternative, situated close to Place Garibaldi.

Source : - Crédit : Takato Marui
Source : – Crédit : Takato Marui

18h00 ❘ Culture

As you return to the city centre, stop by the Russian Orthodox Cathedral of Nice – nearby the train station. A building with a unique design, unlike that of any other structure in Nice – a quick visit here will transport you to the Red Square of Moscow, with it’s characteristic Russian architecture.

Source : - Crédit : Fryderyk
Source : – Crédit : Fryderyk

19h00 ❘ Sunset

Admire the beautiful golden light of sunset from one of Nice’ rooftop bars. Found on the top floor of the Meridien, Aston La Scala, or Plaza Boscolo hotels. Enjoy refreshments as you look out over the old town or the Mediterranean Sea. A perfect time to review your photos and recoup some energy from your adventurous and active day.

Crédit : Hôtel Aston Nice

Crédit : Hôtel Aston Nice

21h00 ❘ Nightlife

Nice is well-known for it’s bustling nightlife atmosphere. So as the sunsets on the city, venture out into the old town to absorb and partake in the fun. Walk along the Cours Saleya and you will be presented with an endless choice of bars and restaurants, from cheap-eats to fine dining.

We recommend you try restaurant Acchiardo, a family-run restaurant where you can enjoy traditional, authentic food in a casual, friendly environment – be sure to check the restaurants opening hours before you arrive!

Continue your evening by enjoying some live music in Shapko jazz bar, the lively atmosphere will be sure to revitalise your energy and get you moving! After the music finishes, treat yourself to some ice cream at Fennochios or Gelateria Azzuro – don’t worry, they stay open well into the evening!


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