Over the years, our calendars get busier, free time becomes rarer, and you miss those special moments with your girlfriends (what would you do without them?). The little moments of joy you share with your friends on a daily basis include catching up on the latest gossip, laughing uncontrollably and finding activities that let you get together and have a good time. Our moments of craziness are the only things we don’t regret! So why wait for a bachelorette party (it’s not every day that you get married) to embark on a unique, extraordinary adventure? Here are 3 reasons to organize an outing on Segway PTs with your friends.

1 | An excursion on Segway PTs with your friends is fun

Your Mobilboard guide/coach will be your best friend for this new adventure! Don’t worry, you’ll still be able to gossip all you want, your guide won’t say a word. And unlike your weekend shopping marathon, the Segway PT won’t give you a stitch in the side!
Your guide will show you a side of the city you didn’t know existed, tell you lots of stories and let you know where the best spots are. It’s a great idea if you’re spending a girls’ weekend exploring a new city! Did you know that multiple groups have even suggested creating a calendar featuring Mobilboard guides, à la Chippendales? 😀



2 | An excursion on Segway PTs with your friends is easy

First, stay calm. You might be a bit nervous if you’ve never ridden a PT, but don’t worry, if anyone can do it, why not you? Your guide will be there to help you get familiar with this innovative means of transportation. In a few minutes, you’ll know the Segway PT like the back of your hand 😉
You’re worried about losing your balance on your PT? Did you know that the vehicle uses its exclusive technology to balance itself? And you move by leaning your body. For example, if you want to turn, you just lean the handlebars in the direction you want to go. Easy! But be careful, riding a Segway PT is highly addictive. And I’m willing to bet that at the end of your ride, you’ll be having so much fun that you won’t want to return your PT!



3 | An excursion on Segway PTs with your friends means shared memories

Since a day without laughing and without having fun is a day wasted, nothing better than a unique excursion with your friends to leave you with unforgettable memories! Mobilboard guarantees that during your excursion, you’ll experience lots of sensations and enjoy lots of beautiful views.
To end the day the right way, don’t forget to ask your guide to immortalize your excursion on Snapchat, Instagram Stories or Facebook Live! Then, post your best photos on Instagram with the hashtag #MyMobilboard! We will be happy to share them on our account, @mobilboard_fr 🙂


To finish it all off, after a nice ride on a Segway PT and a solid dose of laughter with your girlfriends, time to relax and take care of your body. What would you say to a spa session or a Cosmopolitan in a trendy bar? It’s the perfect time to reflect on all the fun you had while looking through your photos… and planning your next Segway excursion with one of the many Mobilboard agencies!


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