It’s always hard to describe what you feel your first time on a Segway PT – the experience is just that surprising! As you get familiar with your PT, every step along the way comes with a very specific reaction, and you can see it on people’s faces. One thing is certain: 100% of newcomers leave with an unforgettable memory and become addicted to riding the Segway PT. To summarize the experience, here are 9 GIFs that describe the various reactions:

When you receive a Mobilboard gift card for an introduction to the Segway

“What’s a PT? I definitely wasn’t expecting something like this. I was thinking more along the lines of an afternoon at the spa… And anyway, how does it work? How do you keep your balance? Is there at least a brake? It looks easy for everyone, but for me it’s dangerous!”


| When you get to the agency and you start to feel the pressure

Zero hour is approaching and you’re starting to stress as if you were taking a test, while your friends that have been there before can’t wait to get started. If only you knew! You’d feel so much more confident 🙂


| The first 5 seconds on the Segway

“Hey, help me out! Actually, never mind, I got it!” When you get on a Segway for the first time, like any first time, it can be intimidating. But if you listen to your instructor, then everything turns out just fine. Yes, it really does take just a few minutes to figure it out! For more information, read the article on how the Segway PT keeps its balance.


| Finally, after the first minute

Now the pressure is off and it really is less complicated than you thought!


| Once your 15-minute training course is over

Now you’re ready to ride your Segway PT! You ride along safely, proudly, and you feel confident. You’re even starting to think about taking a PT to work every morning!


| When you get to the safe location where you can go faster

Remember that just a few minutes ago, you were having second thoughts about getting on a Segway PT, and now you’re complaining because it doesn’t go fast enough! Safety is of course the first priority, so take it easy, step by step. But now that you’re in the safe zone and you can go faster, you can really feel the rush!


| When the ride is over and you have to return your Segway PT

Time flies when you’re having fun, but all good things come to an end. The time comes when your guide asks you to return your PT, but you don’t want to give it back and want to keep riding. There’s no doubt, you’re addicted!


| When you find out that there are Mobilboard agencies more or less everywhere. 

Yes! Here’s some good news – you’ll be able to have lots of unique, new experiences, whether just down the road or at your next vacation destination. Do you prefer excursions in the country on an all-terrain PT, rides along the sea, or a special tour on the snow? There’s something for everybody, and we’ll be there to help you create your fondest memories 🙂

Find all the agencies of the Mobilboard network here


| Then, in your dreams, anything is possible!



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