The Segway PT is a one-person electric vehicle whose popularity has skyrocketed over the last few years. It’s both fun and high-tech, and many celebrities have tried it out or adopted it as their means of transportation, including politicians, athletes, actors, and TV presenters. We decided to put together an album of 50 photos of stars using their PTs. Some of the celebrities came to see us in the agencies of the Mobilboard network, and we had a great time while sharing our passion with them.

Can you recognize them all? Some are on vacation while others are working, and each has their own style!

Do you recognize the actress on the Segway Chanel PT at the amfAR Gala, which takes place every year at the Cannes Film Festival? For the curious, Chanel donated this customized Segway for the Gala’s charity auction. Perfect for strolling down the Croisette without breaking a heel!

le gyropode Segway Chanel a l'amfar de Cannes
Diane Kruger and the Segway Chanel PT

Did you know that famous martial artist and actor Jackie Chan was the first to import the Segway PT into China? He could often be spotted on his PT on set, for example during the filming of Rush Hour with Chris Tucker.

Jackie Chan et chris Tucker sur leur gyropode Segway
Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker on their Segway PTs

Guillaume Pley, star radio host at NRJ, brought his team for a ride with Mobilboard Nice! Everyone had a great a time ☺

Here’s a photo with Samaha Sam, lead singer of Shaka Ponk, who was kind enough to play along. For the record, she’s the only member of the band to have tested the Segway PT before (in Paris), and she had good memories of the experience.

Samaha Sam, la chanteuse du groupe Shaka Ponk, sur un gyropode Segway
Samaha Sam, lead singer of the band Shaka Ponk, with Mobilboard

Justin Bieber is one of the stars most often seen on a Segway PT. When he’s on tour, it’s hard to get him off of it! ☺ And here’s French rapper Maître Gims on a relaxing ride with the Mobilboard New Caledonia agency.

Steve Wozniak, nicknamed Woz, co-founded Appel with Steve Jobs. He’s a huge fan of the Segway PT and even created the Segway Polo world championship (check it out in a previous article on the blog).

Despite the pouring rain, Nicolas Dupont Aignan, deputy from the Essonne department and president of Debout la République, test drove the Segway PT at a press conference in Bourges. He felt so at ease that the Segway won him over right away ☺ And of course, even François Hollande, who was not yet president of France at the time, has ridden a Segway PT.

Here, NBA star Nicolas Batum and French player Julien Ateba arrive in style at the training facility in Le Tampon with Mobilboard on Reunion Island.

Mobilboard was surprised by former Rugby player Christian Califano, who can ride the Segway PT in the snow like a pro. He didn’t need our help at all to avoid slipping. Our thoughts also go out to the late Alexis Vastine.

Mobilboard Nîmes welcomed 3 world-class French athletes: Fabrice Santoro, Thomas Lievremont and Simon Fourcade. Surprised by how easy it was to maneuver, they each had a chance to go for a ride and exchange some tips on technique.

Of course, there are many others, like TV personality Lagaf’ or TV series NCIS and films like The Intouchables and 99 Francs. If you want to share your own photos with a Segway PT, it would be our pleasure! 🙂

See you soon!


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